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Popular flags from France, India and Italy
French Flag Indian Flag Italian Flag
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Etymology: Norway - Kingdom of Norway,Norge,Kongeriket Noreg
Location: Japan is located in Asia
Associations: Pakistan is in the Commonwealth of Nations & United Nations
Cities: Ottawa is the capital of Canada
ISO codes: The ISO 3166 for Brazil is BR
Populations: The population of Thailand is 63,389,730
Area: The Area of the USA is 9,826,630km²
Currencies: The currency of China is 1 Chinese Yuan = 100 fens
Languages: The main languages of Western Sahara are Arabic & Spanish
Religions: South Africa's main religions are Protestant and Roman Catholic
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Which Libyan Flag do you prefer?
Libyan Flag Libya Kingdom Flag
The all Green Flag was introduced by General Gaddafi, it expresses a love for the Muslim faith. It is the only country flag in the world consisting of one color. The Kingdom of Libya Flag has been used in recent protests by anti-Gaddafi militants.
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